Corporate Clothing Architecture

Kurumsal Giyim Mimarisi

Modern, urban, high quality and stylish. For your corporate purchases, we bring to you a stylish Boyner Holding brand with its pioneering designs in mens and women’s fashion.

Diverse sets the newest trends in leather accessories by blendingtimeless, high quality, strong and modern brandvalues with the Italian legacy. It remains one of our most indispensible brands when it comes to corproate gifts.

Que, a brand of different, modern, progressive and assertive poiseoffers bespoke designs to those who will not compramise on their own fashion. Que fulfills its promise of being the brand of assertive designs, especially in the area of leather and textile products.

The iconic brand of George Hogg offers timelessness and a British touch in its designs. The visible brandtakes its place in our collection also with its range of corporate products.

Founded in the United States in 1846, Cross is a global brand of high prestige that is one of the big names in the pen market. In the name of the brand, we bring you this prestige in the form ofproviding corporate sales ofits leather accesories in Turkey. You may peruse the leather products of Cross in our catalogue, all of which produced in limited quantities.

We are the Turkish distributor of Waxed Cotton, a fabric with vintage textures that is made with unique methods in Scottish factories by the number one Scottish producer of the brand. The product is known in the textile and fashion for its durability against weather conditions and water,waxed leather appearance as well astexture that changes with use. Waxed Cotton is exported globally and are presented each season in London, Paris, Salt Lake City, Munich and Milan.